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At BioTech Limb and Brace in Birmingham, AL, our mission is to help our patients recognize and realize their possibilities by providing quality prosthetic and orthotic care that enables them to achieve the highest possible level of independence and quality of life. This care will be provided in a caring and supportive environment in which the informed patient is an integral part of the rehabilitation process.

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Chad Bailey’s Story

Chad Bailey’s life was changed 12 years ago when he lost his foot from the heel forward. He sought an orthotic device that would give him a comfort fit and make him feel like he had his foot again. Instead, he received a brace that was made of solid plastic and hurt so much that he couldn’t effectively use it.

Then Chad turned to BioTech, which built the second brace. Chad has been using the brace that BioTech created for him for 10 years now and says he couldn’t ask for anything better!

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