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Misconceptions About Amputees

misconceptions about amputees

When it comes to people with limb loss, there are all sorts of myths and misunderstandings that get tossed around. We’re here to debunk a few of the most common misconceptions about amputees and make sure people know the truth. Read on!

Misconception #1: We Never Want to Talk about Our Prosthesis.

This one is a personal choice, and it will vary from one individual to the next – but the idea that a person with limb loss definitely does not want you to notice, or ask about, their prosthesis is not necessarily true.

Many amputees wear their prosthesis proudly, and they will kindly answer a question or two about it. It’s generally rude to gawk, of course, and you shouldn’t launch a whole barrage of personal questions at the individual – but if you proceed with caution and respect, most people with limb loss don’t mind talking about it.

Misconception #2: We Can’t Go Back to Work.

Depending on the career and the nature of the job, many amputees are able to resume their previous positions after they have recovered. This is just as good for the person’s heart and mind as it is for their bank account – having an occupation reminds an amputee that they still have so much to offer their community, and that limb loss isn’t the end of the story for them.

Alternately, some amputees end up in a completely different career that they never would have pursued if it hadn’t been for their limb loss. You just never know!

Misconception #3: We Must Have Had a Traumatic Accident.

Limb loss due to combat is what makes headlines – and for good reason, as military amputees are extremely brave and have willingly put themselves in the line of fire, knowing that limb loss (or something worse) was a possibility.

And there are people out there who lose limbs to tragic circumstances like car accidents or animal attacks. But the reality is that most amputations are a result of disease, such as cancer or diabetes, and not related to an accident at all.

BioTech Knows the Misconceptions about Amputees – and We Teach the Truth!

We work with people every day who’ve experienced limb loss, and we know the kinds of myths they encounter. If you’re looking for a company who knows your challenges, understands what you’ve been through, and can help you recognize all your possibilities, come to BioTech. We’re here for your every need, and we’re dedicated to providing the kind of service you’ll never forget. Contact us today!