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At BioTech Limb and Brace in Birmingham, AL, our mission is to help our patients recognize and realize their possibilities by providing quality prosthetic and orthotic care that enables them to achieve the highest possible level of independence and quality of life. This care will be provided in a caring and supportive environment in which the informed patient is an integral part of the rehabilitation process.

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3 Inspiring Football Players with Prosthetic Devices

athletes with prosthetic devices

You might think it’s impossible for athletes with prosthetic devices to reach the same level of success as their whole-limbed colleagues, but that’s a myth. Limb loss can be overcome on the playing field – and these football players are here to prove it!

#1: Deven Jackson

A few years ago, Deven – now 12 years old – lost both his legs to meningitis. He never wavered in his goal to return to football, even spending 3 hours a week learning to walk and run with his new blades. Plus, he got to meet some of his favorite pro football players as a result of his endurance and positive attitude!

#2: Damon Hodges

As a baby, Damon had twisted feet. Both of them were amputated when he was 2 years old. You wouldn’t think that would make for a very promising football career, but Damon has shown the world otherwise! He’s now playing varsity football for his senior year of high school, and he says that “anything you put your mind to, you can do it.”

#3: Andrew Kittrell

Born with Amniotic Band Syndrome, Andrew lost his left leg below the knee and has a right club foot. The fingers on both of his hands are also affected. All of this resulted in 7 surgeries before Andrew’s 12th birthday. Andrew, now a high school sophomore, doesn’t let any of this stop him – and he thinks it’s pretty funny when his leg comes off during a tackle.

Their Inspiration Is Our Motivation

Here at BioTech, we think people with limb loss are pretty awesome. That’s why we do everything we can to give our patients exceptional service, from expedited fittings to advice on cost and insurance.

Whether you’re looking for prosthetic or orthotic devices, scoliosis braces, or just a friendly face and a positive attitude, BioTech is the place for you. We’ll treat you like family – guaranteed.

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